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Touchscreen Interactive Kiosks


Discover the wide range of SmartMedia Interactive Kiosks available in Single-sided or Double-sided versions with SmartMedia SmartSignage Software for Digital Signage applications included. Ask for any information; You can learn more about availability and prices and you will find the solution that best suits your needs. Customizable products.

All SmartMedia Digital Interactive Kiosks are customizable and are equipped with powerful softwares to optimize the use of these powerful touchscreens.
SmartMedia Kiosks are essential products for schools, work activities, entertainment, games, events, Hotels and Restaurants.


21.5&quot SANITIZER KIOSK - SmartMedia



21.5" display for Digital Signage - No touch - The built-in automatic sensor Dispenser distributes the gel Sanitizer. Ideal for access to classrooms and shared spaces.
Wall or Stand installation. Optional: Wrist temperature detection.

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Checkout Self Service Digital Signage, Self-Service Payment Kiosk - SmartMedia



Digital Touch Kiosk, 10 touch points, LAN and WI-FI connection, Barcode & QR code reader.

Simplified menu management with images and videos manageable locally or remotely with SmartSelfService Software included.

Indoor Digital Signage Kiosks for Orders and Payments Management for Catering, Hospitality, Entertainment and any kind of automated ticketing.
Automated box office for museums, cinemas, theaters, events, shows, trains, buses and theme parks.

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Indoor Digital Kiosks | SmartMedia



Wide choice of models among the SmartMedia Indoor interactive Kiosks.

Bright displays remotely manageable, thanks to the included Digital Signage software, make communication easier and more effective into commercial activities, retail shops and in waiting rooms.

Available in multiple colors, some models have leaflet compartments to combine digital and traditional printed paper communication.

Outdoor Digital Kiosks SmartMedia



SmartMedia Outdoor Digital Interactive Kiosks with IP65 or IP66 certifications are powerful visual and interactive communication tools designed to work continuously 24/7.

Available in single-sided or double-sided display mode and in multiple formats to fulfill the different needs.

Customizable per project.


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SmartMedia Interactive Digital Kiosk for Digital Signage

Education Area - Articles

Digital touch tables for Education: to improve cognitive development

Multitouch Table for education: touch screens to improve educational outcomes in school.

Digital Education Technology (DET) with interactive apps, provide an innovative solution to make math more interesting, exciting and accessible for child and adults.

Multitouch tables promote student collaboration, engagement and enthusiasm...

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Killian Oaks Academy, Miami (FL) meets SmartMedia Interactive Monitor CAM Series, 75" 4K in the Music Classroom


Music Classroom meets SmartMedia Interactive Monitor CAM Series, 75" 4K


Killian Oaks Academy in Miami is a wonderful school that  serves children who demonstrate average or above intellectual ability, but for whom individualization, achieved through a diagnostic /prescriptive program, is vital to their success.

With an atmosphere of support and acceptance, helps students develop confidence and a positive self-image and it challenges children to achieve their true potential.

Killian Oaks Academy recently installed a new SmartMedia Interactive Monitor in its Music Room to give students a chance to develop their own learning attitude.

With this new technological tool, they can promote a modern and engaging way to attract students by...

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Classroom Management Software SmartMediaPRO: manage and monitor classroom performance

Classroom Management Software SmartMediaPRO: manage and monitor classroom performance

 Classroom management software SmartMediaPRO

Smartmedia Pro Classroom Management SoftwareSmartMedia Pro Software allows remote-control of classrooms...

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Interactive Whiteboards

Mobile Interactive Whiteboard - surfaces up to 150“ - with pens

Simple, intuitive, pocket-sized: Interact with any flat surface to create an interactive whiteboard

SmartMedia MOBIWB The real mobile classroom revolution is taking over the education field. Thanks to the analysis technology, all...

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Digital Interactive Tables | SmartMedia


The consolidated experience of Smartmedia in the design and construction of multi-touch interactive tables in the Education and Corporate sectors, let SmartMedia to expand the...

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Accessories - Stands for Tablets, iPads and  eReaders 


Stands for Tablets, iPads and eReaders




Accessories for interactive monitors 


Stands for Monitors up to 42" (SM-STM and...

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Business Area - Articles

Winter sales with SmartMedia KIO Digital Vertical Kiosks

SmartMedia KIO Digital Vertical Kiosks as a marketing in-store tool to engage customers and increase sales

From Paris to New York, stores started post-Christmas sales, with the main objective of drive people to continuing shopping.

SmartMedia offers Digital Vertical Kiosks and Interactive touch screens as excellent...

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SmartMedia @SmartCity Expo World Congress Barcelona, Spain 14-16 November 2017 - Hall P2, stand 123 with ICE agency

SmartMedia @SmartCity Expo World Congress - Barcelona, Spain 14-16 November 2017

SmartMedia @SmartCity Expo World Congress

Let's shape together the future of our cities. SmartMedia Hall P2, stand 123 (with ICE Agency)

Cities across the globe are installing technology to gather data with the aim of saving money, becoming cleaner, reducing traffic, and improving urban life.
Better parking, efficient lighting, improved...

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Infotainment and Edutainment with the touch of SmartMedia


Infotainment : Entertainment and Information with  SmartMedia Interactive Kiosks



"Infotainment" defines a media type that offers a combination of information and entertainment, closely linked to Digital Signage Systems applied to displays of various sizes, from interactive kiosk, giant digital billboard airports, squares or Stadium: because integrate, inform and interact, generate enthusiasm among consumers, providing a new way of communicating and achieve their own goal.

Interactive Kiosk and SmartMedia Interactive Monitors are increasingly popular in public and private spaces: squares, airports, railway stations, retail outlets, schools and universities, banks and insurance companies, museums and exhibitions.

Supported by...

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Auditorium, Congress Center, Conference Rooms, Museums, Theaters - Interactive products multi-touch SmartMedia

Interactive Kiosks for the Peruvian embassy in Italy

Interactive Kiosks for the Peruvian embassy in Italy

Interactive Kiosks for the Peruvian embassy in Italy

We are proud of the choice taken by the Peruvian Embassy in Italy for selecting SmartMedia Interactive Kiosks to promote the activities of Peru and spread the culture and knowledge of the wonderful Peruvian world.

The charming Peruvians landscapes, the agricultural activities and products of their land must be valued and shown at best as...

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